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Simona Semeraro

Architect | Interior designers

Skills and Competences:

  • Urban planning;

  • Architectural design;

  • interior design;

  • CGI Visual Design;

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality Design;

  • Building practices;

Skills and technical competences:

  • AUTODESK software (Autocad, Revit, Infraworks, 3ds Max);

  • GIS software (ArcGIS, QGis);

  • ADOBE software (Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat, Illustrator);

  • ACCA software (Primus, Certus, Mantus, Termus);

  • 3D&RENDERING (Rhinoceros, Enscape, Vray, Lumion, Unreal Engine, Blender, Grasshopper);

  • OFFICE software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint);

Licenses and Certifications:

  • EIPASS 7 user forms - European Computer Passport;

  • BIM Revit 2022;

  • NZEB Building Design Course - GoPillar Academy;

A little about me...

I have been an Architect since 2019, specializing in Architectural Design, Interior Design and Digital Architecture.
My experience in the field took shape right away in the most prestigious professional studios in Puglia, ranging from private residential architecture to public tenders and international competitions.

Each project begins with a dream which, with dedication, care and empathy, takes shape, becoming a story of your life.

My work is a careful embroidery of the inhabited space, in a delicate balance between what fills it, defines and characterizes it, and what is experienced, enriched by your moments and memories.

My goal is to make your home a welcoming and safe haven, where you can best express yourself.

The specialization in Digital Architecture allows me to introduce you to your projects well before the construction site, thanks to photorealistic renderings, 3D models and virtual reality.

My mission is to accompany you   on an extraordinary journey that begins with a blank sheet and a pencil, passing through ideas translated into concept design, technical drawings, three-dimensional graphic rendering and reaching the realization careful and cared for in the construction site of the project.

My design to turn your dreams into reality!


An overview of the design services offered:


Would you like to walk through the spaces designed even before their construction?

I offer my clients the opportunity to make the most of the design work thanks to the use of a latest generation viewer with which the virtual experience will be totally immersive and beyond all expectations.


Design and construction of structures and buildings that include eco-sustainable materials and, furthermore, are created through the best use of natural resources, with a particular focus on energy saving and environmental protection.


Interior space design services through the rethinking and conception of spaces, making use of functional, technological and artistic skills.


Design and organization of garden and outdoor spaces.

I enhance public and private green areas, recreational areas and parks, both in the case in which the design has to start from scratch and in the case of a restyling of what already exists for a total renovation.


Over the years, I have acquired solid experience in the creation of various types of commercial premises (food and drink, professional offices, clothing shops, medical offices, beauty salons, barber shops, etc.), for this reason my design also includes this important sector of architecture.


I follow the project at every stage, attending and supervising my clients' construction sites on a daily basis to ensure that the work is carried out faithfully to the project and the client's wishes and, if necessary, managing and resolving problems and unexpected events.

Academic and professional experiences

Sep 2011

Jan 2018 - Mar 2018

Oct 2018

Dec 2018

February 2019

February 2020

May 2021

Dec 2018 - Present

University of Belgrade - Faculty of Architecture

Thesis of Academic Research "Urban geographies in the Balkan area: the river city"

Recognition of Excellence

Ministry of Education

Master's Degree in Architecture - 110/110 with honors

SECOND PRIZE "Bari Costa Sud" International Competition 

Collaboration with RTP Group leader Arch. Esposito Antonio

Professional qualification Architect section A 

Registration in the OAPPC professional register


TENTH PRIZE International Competition Area Bagnoli


Exercise of Freelance and Professional Collaboration with numerous technical studios in Puglia

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